среда, 31 декабря 2014 г.

So... this is New Year. It is coming. In this moment I want to write about songs and bands that I've listened in 2014 year:

1.       Little Big - sad but true. But it is all about modern Russia. Crimea, hysteria, orthodox and madness... Life in da trash and Everyday I'm drinking.

2.       Enjoykin - another side of Russian madness. Positive and funny. Really cool project.

3.       Naughty boy - Actually, I've already written about his song "La-La-La". This song was played in every country that we traveled. This is the song of our trip.

4.       Pevitsa Poreva. Ha-ha-ha. You have to be able to understand Russian language to get this kind of humor. She is great - these songs are universal answers to any questions.

5.       Linda. 5 years of silence and new strange album "Lai @". I can't say that this album is the best. No, it is the worst, I think. But this is a unique situation when you want to support your favorite singer (I really love her music, she's one of the most interesting singers). And these are two cool songs from this album:

6.       Within Temptation. They are gorgeous. I can't describe all my feelings about this album and this song: the world is destroyed and all that we can hear is just Sharon's voice. Gorgeous.

7.       Olga's Dreams. We know him. Eugeniy is a very talented and hard-working composer from Moscow. His album "Marichka" is always on my playlist. We actually made a video for a collaboration of Olga's dreams and Enigma. Just listen to his other project.

8.       Marilyn Manson. He's never getting older. Broke up with a major label - no problem! He made a cool album Born Villain. I love it. I can't wait for his new upcoming album.

9.       Bjork. The same situation like with Marilyn Manson. On my birthday I visited her concert in the cinema - it was an interesting format. I can't say that Biophilia is my favorite album but this remix on "Mutual Core" and the song "Crystalline" are really magical.

10.  Synaptic Machine, Edouard Reny. This guy from Holland was a school teacher. Now he is a composer. He makes interesting electronic music. His "Sanctus" is forever in my player when I'm running or training in a gym.

11.   Enigma. No comments. Enigma is a part of my life every year.

12.   Total. A shaved girl who sings trip hop songs. She is singing again. Check out this song - it is very cool.

13.   Paul Oakenfold. Everytime "Ready. Steady. Go" is playing after "Sanctus" when I'm running or training in a gym.

14.   Lena Katina. She's a talented girl. Her voice is maybe not so powerful, and this of course is not t.A.T.u. but I'm ready to support her music. I've bought her album and it was a real surprise - it is good, better than her singles.


15.   Dolores O'Riordan.  I love her voice. Solo project or in Cranberries band.

16.   Lady Gaga. It is a very commercial project. But very high quality music. I really love her "Aura" and "Applause".

17.   Clint Mansell. Magical music. My favorite album is the soundtrack for the "Fountain" movie:
18.   Toto. Africa. Don't know why. I just like this song.

19.   Sandra. For me - her voice is like continue of Enigma.

20.   Aqua - Megalomania. They're back. With new style. New album and new videos. Don't f... it like a Robot!

вторник, 15 октября 2013 г.

четверг, 10 октября 2013 г.

Destination-5-Netherlands (Helmond)

Сразу стоит сказать, что наше пребывание в Голландии, а именно в Хелмонде, поделилось на две части: до Эфтелинга и после. Ну и собственно сам Эфтелинг - это тоже отдельная тема. То есть, по Хелмонду будет три поста: до Эфтелинга, день в Эфтелинге и после Эфтелинга. И все в абсолютно разных эмоциональных окрасах.
Итак Хелмонд до....

Замок в Хелмонде

вторник, 1 октября 2013 г.


Мы в аэропорту. Тут никого. Я успел купить в дьюти-фри бутылку мартини и пишу рецензии на прочитанные за полгода книги. А вот и видео. Аэропорт вымер - словно сцена из фильма Ромеро про зомби в торговом центре.


Санкт-Петербург встретил нас солнышком и теплом. Почти всю неделю, что мы жили у наших друзей Насти и Глеба, на улице стояла отличная погода. На самом деле, Питер был перевалочным пунктом, мы должны были еще раз подготовить все к поездке по Европе и доделать все текущие дела. Однако несколько хороших мест мы посетили.

понедельник, 23 сентября 2013 г.


Еще одна наша давняя подруга приютила нас. Через день на съемки должна была прийти Hortenzia (московская певица). Перед этим мы общались и отдыхали.

Что сказать о Мытищах, это довольно спокойное, хотя и грязное и зачуханное место, напоминает любой старый очень отдаленный район в Екатеринбурге. На достопримечательности времени не было. Поэтому ограничились покупкой еды в торговом центре, и нас порадовала цена на овощи и фрукты. Да и вообще, цены на продукты по окраинам Москвы очень даже демократичны.

среда, 18 сентября 2013 г.